Seek the wonderful, capture it and use it to inspire others

I believe that every living thing deserves to be supported to experience the best possible version of it’s life.

I have had the privilege of working with and sharing my life with some of the most brilliant individuals through my ten year career as a professional photographer.

These individuals have supported me in one way or another to establish a number of ventures through which I have been able to express my love for photography, travel and mentorship.

My Projects

Asili Yetu Afrika

Asili Yetu Afrika is a compilation of curated images I have collected over my photography career that clearly present the history and heritage of Africa.

It is based on the fact that there is a clear gap in African history. As far as most Africans know, colonial history is majority of our history and slavery is our identity.

This is what has led to an enduring identity crisis and an understated inferiority complex in relation to other people around the world.

This book is part of efforts to explore and an attempt to present elements in our present world that can help us connect with our true history as Africans. It is also an appreciation and a preservation of the gift of the present, progressive times we live in.

Photography in the Wild

Through photography I have had the opportunity to travel to different countries. This opened my eyes to just how much value Kenya has to offer the world, especially in terms of tourism.

I joined my partners in the photography industry and decided to start a project that can be the first step in adding value to our tourism; to make tours objective and fun. It also contributes to the amount and quality of content available to the world about Kenya.

Photography in the Wild gathers professional photographers and photography and travel enthusiasts every month and takes them on wildlife tours around the country. During the tour people learn from the about wildlife and how to photograph them in their natural habitats.

Social Impact

Through my career I have come to the realization, obvious as it may be, that in the whole scheme of things, being human is the most important thing on earth. Each human being has the capacity for deliberate positive change in the world through the smallest efforts.

This implies that the challenges we face, the depletion of natural resources on earth, the extinction of species and climate change among others are not so much a result of a few humans destroying the environment as majority of humans unaware or unable to perform their deliberate, positive part.

The projects I undertake focus majorly on showcasing the beautiful relationships between people and the environments they live and the small efforts they make to sustain them, sometimes in in the most unlikely places on earth.

I travel with organizations undertaking humanitarian missions and use photography as my pen.