David Macharia

Lessons of Success from David Macharia

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It’s now over ten years since I registered my company, Versatile Photographers. Twelve years of success and failure. The ups and downs have been like a rollercoaster ride that whirls to a crescendo and back to a decrescendo in a continuous,…
Obama PortraitDavid Macharia

How Obama Visit in 2015 Transformed Photography Industry in Africa

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David Macharia is a renowned photographer who was born and bred in Kenya. He started his photography journey in the year 2000 after completing high school education. After lacking school fees for higher education, he began working at a printing…
Social Impact

Social Impact

Through my career I have come to the realization, obvious as it may be, that in the whole scheme of things, being human is the most important thing on earth. Each human being has the capacity for deliberate positive change in the world through…
Photography in the Wild

Photography in the Wild

Through photography I have had the opportunity to travel to different countries. This opened my eyes to just how much value Kenya has to offer the world, especially in terms of tourism. I joined my partners in the photography industry and decided…